Tuesday, April 14, 2015

If Adults Were More Like Children. . .

. . .the world would be a much better place!
If we could manage to hold on to our childlike wonder and curiosity along with the knowledge that we obtained over years of living (without being scorned), we would be better at everything! Just think of it. Children are so carefee, honest, and genuinely curious...and FUNNY! Isn't it refreshing? I understand that life happens, and at some point in life we are forced to "grow up" or be "real"/"realistic". Of course I don't mean to sound cliche or as if I am trying to pawn some idealistic "Peter Pan" philosophy on anyone, but. . .

What if we DIDN'T grow up?

And what if we WEREN'T realistic but instead continued to think BIG?

What if we didn't limit ourselves or conform to what the average adult refers to as "living in the real world"?

What if we continued to exercise our right brain more and took more creative approaches to thinking and problem solving?

What if we assumed NOTHING at all but asked about EVERYTHING?

What if our "jobs"/"careers" steered us in a direction of creativity and free-thinking rather than a world of endless processes and redtape?

What if we were truly EMPOWERED and instead of looking for reasons things won't work we looked for ways to make things happen?

Well. . .
I will agree that I feel that the corporate world has stifled my creativity a bit, but the opportunity to work with different businesses in such different industries has allowed me to stretch my thinking a little more, and I am working to keep exercising that right side of my brain.

Take this journey with me. Let's grow down together! (As long as we're growing right?)
Here is a cool article with interesting ways to boost your creativity in the short- and long-term: 36 Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity.

I truly think that the world would be that much better if we maintained our childhood curiosity and creativity through adulthood. For those of us who ARE still children, let's cherish and nurture that side of us as often as we can! For those of us who HAVE children, we have a great opportunity to learn from and absorb some of the creative energy from our children. And let's also remember to encourage them to always think outside of the box, and to pursue careers that allow them the space to be creative!

Here are a few great videos on Creativity from TED: TED Talk Playlist "The Creative Spark".

Thanks for reading,