Tuesday, December 30, 2014

XX statements that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Let's skip the preliminaries. We know each other well enough by now.

This list is inspired by an article I read on inc.com (with my own little spin on it of course), but I am saving you the trouble of having to *click* twenty times to get through the complete list. (That's love!)

Here are 20 things that you need to say to yourself  (and others) as motivation to "Git'er Done". . .

[I] "Hi Mom." - Our parents want what's best for us and will always give the best advice. They won't be here always. Pick up the phone and call. (But not just mom...how about the other older relatives that you don't speak to nearly as much as you should?)

[II] "I FINALLY got started." - Basically, stop talking about it and BE about it..."beby"

[III] "It's totally my fault."- Take ownership. We all make mistakes.

[IV] "That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought." - Don't let fear paralyze you, and recognize the small wins. Overcoming any fear should be an exciting moment.

[V] "You're AWESOME!" - You KNOW YOU'RE awesome, but, in this case we aren't talking about YOU but someone else. Recognize SOMEONE ELSE for getting it right or going above and beyond. Surprise praise is something that everyone can appreciate.

[VI] "I'll show you, asshole!" - We all get upset, sometimes even at things that we probably should let go. However, this anger, if applied toward the right things, can be just the boost of motivation you need to get something accomplished that you have been putting off.

[VII] "Can you help me?" - Don't waste time or resources simply because you were afraid to ask. Asking someone for help immediately adds credibility to their skills and values and shows that you admire and respect them. That's reason enough to ask. But actually getting the help you need is the icing on the cake.

        [VII 1/2] Ask for help and also ASK for WHAT YOU WANT. We miss out on so much simply because we assumed a "no" before ever asking. Even if you get a "no" you were no worse off then you were. And, in some cases, you actually may be better off if you can get more information out of that person as to how you can get a "yes".

[VIII] "Can I help YOU with something?" - If you're going to be asking for shit... Pay it forward.

[IX] "I did something that no one else is willing to do." - Think of something dirty or tedious or boring as hell that you know NO ONE else wants to do. It can be small or it can be big, just do it! If everyday you can do one thing that no one else wants to do, after a week you will be uncommon, after a month you'll be special, and after a YEAR you'll be INCREDIBLE.

[X] "I don't care what other people think." - To a certain extent, you SHOULD care what other people think, but not when it stands in the way of you living life how you really want to live. Don't hold off starting your business because your family will think you're crazy. They will be singing a different tune after you show them what's what. (See numero VI)

[XI] "I'm really sorry." - Pick someone you have wronged and tell them you are sorry. (We all have at least ONE person.) Be genuine. Do NOT place blame. And move ON! You will feel better, and so will they. - P.S. The more time that has passed, the better.

[XII] "I'm the king of the world." -> "King Kong ain't got SHIT on me." - Either will work perfectly fine, but I like Denzel's confidence in Training Day a little bit better. But, hey! we are all motivated in different ways. However you choose to say it, apparently, Harvard professor Amy Cuddy says that saying something like this and "power posing" (standing like Superman with your hands to the sky or on your hips) is a GREAT boost to your confidence. 

Try THAT before your next big public speaking engagement or meeting. 

[XIII] "Yes." - Trust yourself and say "yes" to that opportunity that you have been reluctant to accept. Say yes to something scary. Then say (see numero IV).

[XIV] "No." - Know when to say "no". You can't say "yes" to everything.

[XV] "You're fired." - Soooo... you don't have to get all Donald Trump on all of your friends that you feel have done you wrong, but... There are some people you need to fire.
These may be subordinates, friends, a client, anyone who is bringing you down or holding you back. Let them go.

[XVI] "It's not perfect, but that's OKAY." - It won't be perfect. Get as close as you can and then let it go. Maybe feedback will allow you to make a few improvements, but you can't get that feedback without an initial release.

[XVII] "That's not my job, but who cares?" - You're never too good to roll up your sleeves and do a little grunt work, if that means getting the job done. (See numero IX)

[XVIII] "I'm really glad I tried their way." - We all want to have the next BIG idea, and sometimes we do ourselves a disservice by thinking this way. Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from someone else and expand upon it.

[XIX] "Wow! That was STUPID. We should do that again!" - Some of your fondest memories will be of the dumb shit that you did when you were younger. Stay young by doing something absolutely ridiculous every now and again.

[XX] Nothing. - Talking yourself up works wonders, but sometimes just a look in the mirror and a super BOSS head nod is even better.

Credit [Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, Inc.]
Original Article (in all of it's "click-next" glory) [inc.com]

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Woman Thou Art ASSERTIVE...

This was a very interesting and encouraging read for women in the corporate world seeking something other than just "getting the job done". For those of us who seek excellence, and raise ourselves to a higher standard, in hopes of one day becoming not just a manager but a top executive of the company that you work for, I highly suggest reading this article...

FedEx Custom Critical CEO Virginia Albanese discusses taking charge of your career development and asking direct questions to get the feedback that you need to succeed. Instead of letting things come to you, Albanese tells us women (although I think this message is just as valid for ANYBODY seeking the same level of success or higher) that we need to be more strategic and deliberate about the career moves that we make. And I agree!

Click the link to read the entire article. -> [x]

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