Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mastermind Mo [Law Abiding Citizen]


obeying or keeping the law; obedient to law: law-abiding citizens.
Monique McClain
BA, Finance 
Monique McClain (or “Mo”) is a current University of Memphis graduate student, working toward her Master’s in Business. Her undergraduate degree is in Business Finance. A Memphis native, Monique is a great supporter of small businesses and entrepreneurship in the area. It is what her organization, Masterminds, was founded on. The three pillars of Masterminds encompass personal/professional development, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. As a student organization, Masterminds members have learned new skills to help with professional development and networking, have engaged in knowledge sharing, have mentored grade school children, and have volunteered within the community, among other things. While this will be her final year operating Masterminds as a student organization at the University of Memphis, she will still be very active in helping individuals on and off-campus find their path to success.

With the idea that energy cannot be destroyed, only transferred, Mo is refocusing her efforts on her business consulting with Masterminds, LLC. Her years of experience in project management and analysis work for companies such as Cummins, Hilton Worldwide, and now FedEx, have greatly prepared her to help other small business owners to master-plan and find innovative solutions for growth and expansion. She is trained on AGILE methodology, Six Sigma, ABLE, and a host of other project management related methods. She is also a licensed affiliate real estate broker.

Masterminds, LLC specializes in everything from project management to print work. They create websites, mobile web apps, flyers, business plans, and can help business owners to mastermind everything from business registration, trademarks, and copyrights to HR, database management, and social media management. Mo's business motto is Master plan, master money, mastermind and her personal motto is Impossible is a figment of our ignorance.” She truly believes that if everyone thought more like children, we would all be able to accomplish whatever it is we wished. Because of this belief, she is also committed to help the even younger generation in their business endeavors as well, and even has her 6-year-old daughter Paris in on the action, with her bow businessThe Bow Friends”. She genuinely enjoys meeting new faces and helping others to succeed.

An event to raise awareness around individual rights: This is sure to be an invigorating discussion around today's legal system and how to protect yourself. Chances are you have had to deal with the law in some shape or fashion, even if just for a traffic ticket.
Masterminds wants every person to be prepared for that situation before you find yourself in the situation you never expected. Don't deny yourself knowledge simply because you think you may not need it. You never know what you don't know ... until you know.
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