Monday, April 14, 2014

Jayniece Higgins [Law Abiding Citizen]


obeying or keeping the law; obedient to law: law-abiding citizens.

Jayniece Higgins is a Memphis Native and current law student at the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law at the University of Memphis. She will graduate with her Juris Doctor May of 2014.

Jayniece studied political science as an undergraduate student, successfully securing her bachelors of arts and graduating magna cum laude December 2010. While attending law school, Jayniece has gained a great deal of legal experience interning with Advance Memphis, Shelby County Criminal Court, Nashville/Davidson County Public Defender’s Office, and Shelby County Public Defender’s Office.

A natural born leader and obvious mastermind, Jayniece continues to excel in everything in which she chooses to take part. Currently she is also President of the University of Memphis Black Law Students Association and an immediate past member of the Tennessee Bar Association Diversity Leadership Institute.

An event to raise awareness around individual rights: This is sure to be an invigorating discussion around today's legal system and how to protect yourself. Chances are you have had to deal with the law in some shape or fashion, even if just for a traffic ticket.

Masterminds wants every person to be prepared for that situation before you find yourself in the situation you never expected. Don't deny yourself knowledge simply because you think you may not need it. You never know what you don't know ... until you know.

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