Sunday, March 30, 2014

JB Smiley [Law Abiding Citizen]

obeying or keeping the law; obedient to law: law-abiding citizens.

JB Smiley Jr. is a second year law student at UALR William H. Bowen School of Law. The Memphis native and Bolton High School graduate attended Tennessee Technological University (“TTU”) where he majored in Criminal Justice. He was an athlete on the Men’s basketball team for three years before transferring to the University of Pikeville (“UP”). During his fourth and final year of undergraduate studies, he decided to add another major—Sociology. Despite his rigorous workload, he continued to play college basketball at UP, ranking 3rd in the nation in steals per game.

After graduating near the top of his class with a grade point average of 3.67, Mr. Smiley had opportunities to play semi-professional basketball and professional show basketball. During his professional and semi-professional basketball career, he was given opportunities to speak to at-risk youth at several schools across the country. He told the youth “to get on and stay on the right path."

In 2012, Mr. Smiley volunteered at the Hewlett Law Firm in Memphis, TN. Under the tutelage of Attorneys Terita Hewlett and Michael L. Harris, Smiley’s passion for law blossomed.  In August 2012, Mr. Smiley became a student at UALR William H. Bowen School of Law. In his brief law school career, he has been recognized as a Law Review Apprentice 2013 – 14 and Moot Court competition 2013’s Best oralist for the Petitioner. Recently, in February 2014, Mr. Smiley co-authored an article titled “What Do You Do WhenNothing Seems to Work: An Evaluation and Suggested Approach to Addressing theDiversity Issue in the Legal Profession” with Dean Michael Schwartz which was featured in the Arkansas Lawyer Magazine.  

Mr. Smiley is currently serving as the Vice-President of the Black Law Students Association at UALR William H.Bowen School of Law.

Publications: Arkansas Lawyer
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