Friday, July 12, 2013

WHO are YOU?

THAT is a very profound question, even without seeming so on the surface. 
In asking that question, what am I really asking
Your name? 
Your origin? 
Your background? 
Your beliefs? 

WHEN you think about, most of us are asked this question almost on a daily basis. Even if you are well known in your social circle, there are many times when you will have to explain to people who you are and what you stand for. 
It seems we are always introducing ourselves. In meetings. At school. At work. At parties. 
But when people approach us and say things like “Hi, I am so and so, and you are?” what is that they are really trying to find out? 
And if we were to ask ourselves “Who am I?” would the answer be consistent
Even better, if we ask ourselves “Who do I WISH to be?”, is the response still the same?

THE thoughts and actions of people interest me a great deal, because we ALL seem to have some, if not MANY, traces of hypocrisy within ourselves. Even during my own self reflection, I can pinpoint several instances where I have reprimanded myself for showcasing these hypocritical tendencies. It seems that we have all of the advice in the world for others on how they should live their lives. Not saying that it’s not GREAT advice, because it usually is, considering the fact that we usually have our loved ones best interest at heart. The crazy thing is that most people have a hard time taking their own advice.
The WORST vice is ADvice. –Al Pacino, The Devil’s Advocate
WHY is this so difficult? We often KNOW what we should be doing to get where we are trying to go, to BE who it is that we TRULY wish to be, yet we get so complacent with our own selfish habits that changing often becomes MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. But it’s really NOT HARD. 
We have simply made up in our minds that as long as we SAY we are working to be a better person and we APPEAR to want to do better, then we are on the path to progress. THIS IS SO WRONG! How can you walk a path when you haven't even taken the first step? I believe in affirmations, and the power of the tongue, and I know that our words have great influence over our thoughts and our lives. HOWEVER, our words have LIMITED power with no ACTION to back them up. 
What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? James 2:14, The Christian Bible
MANY of us are fully aware of this truth as well, still we are held back from doing what we know we need/want to do to improve ourselves and our lives. Today’s world makes it so easy for us. Knowledge is LITERALLY at our fingertips, yet we refuse to leverage it! ANYTHING you have ever wanted to know can be accessed with the touch of a button, yet we are too lazy to read. We are too busy to read articles to improve our financial situation because they are LONG and DRY, and BORING.

It’s easier to make excuses than it is to make moves.
It’s easier to read about and gossip about these celebrities who are in the public eye, rather than take a look at ourselves.

WE devote so much of our time (our most VITAL, nonrenewable resource) to watching others who ARE ALREADY successful, that we FAIL to MAKE time to create our OWN SUCCESS. WHY?

I have seen soooo many posts about JAY's and KANYE’s new albums, but few about what’s going on in Egypt or US troops in Afghanistan or our diminishing privacy rights or any of a million other RELEVANT issues in our world! I won't get into the Zimmerman trial, because it has become such a sorted and biased racial debate....
The bottom line is that our focus is on these celebrities when it should be on our world issues and on ourselves.
As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being. –Carl Jung
IF you were to really focus on yourself and the vast effect that you could have on our world, would you be a better you? Are you already the best you that you could be? It is what we DO that makes us who we are. Not so much what we say, or who/what we know, but what we DO. 
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.–Annie Dillard
And, after you are GONE, who will you have been?

What will we remember you for, or will we remember you at all? 
What kind of footprint will you leave on this world? 
Will your legacy simply be based on your living vicariously through some celebrity that you adore?
Will it be based on making sure that you make just enough money this check to “stunt" on all your friends?
Will it be based on how good you were at "clowning" someone else just to get cheap laughs on these social media sites? 

REALLY DO something? 
The somethingthat you have known for SO LONG that you should do, but you keep putting off until you have “more free time” or “more support” or “more opportunity” or “a better job” or “more money” or whatever excuse it is this week….
If you wait, all that happens is you get older.Larry McMurtry
LET'S switch the focus. Let’s change ourselves, our children, our communities
But we can’t make as great of an impact on the world without first looking within ourselves. 
Again, I ask…WHO ARE YOU? 
And this time I am not looking for your name, your family history, your job title, etc. 

Not just what you tell people because it sounds official, not that project you started but never finished, not what you plan to do tomorrow

WHO ARE YOU really and TRULY? 
Keep asking yourself this EVERYDAY, until the response to “Who am I?” is identical to your answer to the question “Who do I WISH to be?”
It is only then that you can call yourself SUCCESSFUL. 
It is only then that you have fulfilled your desired legacy. 
It is only then that you have CREATED something GREAT! 

Few people can say that they are who they wish to be.

Thanks for reading.
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