Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oops! There goes GRAVITY!



1. The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton's...
2. The degree of intensity of this, measured by acceleration.
seriousness - weight - gravitation - solemnity

We wake up each day, put on our shoes one foot at a time, and head out to conquer the world. Not once do we think about gravity, and how it’s holding us back, keeping us grounded. If it weren’t for the law of gravity, we could really fly. But we take life for what it is, and we accomplish what we can, even within the limitations of that impediment we call gravity. Why?

Why is it so easy to come to terms with something that is so restricting, so ubiquitous in our lives? We know it’s there, and we know it limits our movements daily. Still, we don’t wake up each morning, plant our feet on the ground next to our beds and go, “Doh! There goes that damn gravity again!” or begin cursing Sir Isaac Newton for his discovery.

Why is this pervasive truth, no matter how impeding, so easily accepted and other “truths” or realizations are not? We can deal with gravity, but we can’t deal with the community or family we were born into. We can’t assent to the government we are stuck with or the decline in the economy that happens every few years. We can’t accept the differences of others around us, even though their choices are completely out of our control. We can’t take the steep price of higher learning or the taxes that the state makes us pay. We can’t accept that light bill that is due in the next couple of weeks. We can’t come to terms with the fact that our loved one just passed away or even accept that loved one that just won’t go away. We can’t accept that little kid down the street that keeps walking in our f&%*!n grass no matter how many times you ask him to stop. Why? We fight against all of these things, but not gravity. We stress over all of these “truths” but not the truth of gravity.
The concept of coming to terms with gravity is one that I have taken great interest in the past couple of months, and I have been able to improve my quality of life with just a few minor changes in my way of thinking. (Often is the way of the world.) I would like to share these thoughts with you and I hope they in some way spark some positive improvement in your life as well.
First, what do I really mean when I say “coming to terms with gravity”. I mean NOT stressing. I do not mean throwing in the towel, and I certainly do not think coming to terms with gravity warrants giving up the good fight for what you believe. It simply means, if you can’t change it, don’t let it control your emotions. The serenity prayer is a great reference here. It’s what we should all be praying for:
God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.
Knowing the difference can make ALL the difference. But even before knowing whether a situation or truth is gravity or not, there are ways to keep from stressing. I am a firm believer that there are TWO things you must NEVER stress over: things you CANNOT control and things you can. The wisdom behind this thought is that if you cannot fix something, you may as well learn to live with it instead of wasting energy with worry. Worry will not improve the situation, and it will only make you feel WORSE about an unavoidable and indispensable truth. If you CAN improve upon the situation, this is the ULTIMATE reason not to stress, whether you plan to use your ability to make a change or not. If you are going to change the situation, you know that a solution is coming, so no need to worry. If you decline the use of your ability to change a situation, you might as well just zip it. In any case, there is NEVER a real reason to stress over ANYTHING if you look at life from this perspective.
Southeast Engine has a song titled “Coming to Terms with Gravity" and I think the following lyrics are appropriate here:
“What we know, is black and white
right and wrong, dark and light
becomes more than we've ever bargained for
So if the colours that I see, are lights reflecting
then it's a miracle to be, able to see anything
so I'm coming to terms with gravity”
Listen to it here -> {X}
Now, how do you actually decide if something is gravity or not? You must first look at the extent of the situation. Is it only you who is adversely affected, or are others involved? How many others? Does a solution mean changing yourself or changing the world? Can it be fixed with the turn of a dial or will you require more resources? I can’t help you to decide; I can only make you think. Just like I can lead you to water, but I can’t … well you know. You have to make your mind as objective as possible and think of each situation independently of each other and with logic not emotion. Emotions keep us from clearly thinking. Meditation works for me. Tea or soft music may work for you. Whatever calms you down and helps you to clear your head, DO IT, before making ANY important decision. You’ll thank yourself later.
If at the end of your latte, after your incense have burned to ashes, you are still at a loss of how to solve a given situation, stand up, plant both feet firmly on the ground and say to yourself, “There goes that damn gravity again” and live on…
After a few months you will be amazed at how STUPID you have been with your energy, how completely WASTEFUL you have been with your thoughts...

Thanks for reading!
Live free...positively.
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