Thursday, January 31, 2013

University of Memphis RSO Fair

Yes, we were present at the University Memphis RSO fair Wed, Jan 23 to promote the student chapter of our Masterminds group. It was a very exciting time! And we got over 50 interested students to sign up for our mailing list.

Master plan. Master money. Mastermind.

Are you a student (at the University of Memphis or any other school) looking to take advantage of access to resources and information to help you catapult your career or entrepreneurial success???
Email and we will send you the constitution and membership application.

Benefits: a network of positive and motivating individuals who are already on their way to creating their financial plan for their future, access to tons of free resources and information to help you either start your own business or develop your professional career, free advice from masterminds with an awesome knowledge base, transcending a broad range of expertise and concentrations (including Finance, Law, Graphic Design, Image, Communications, Real Estate, Marketing, and so on and so on), the opportunity to give back to your community and mentor youth, access to free workshops and speakers, and the list goes on and on. CHECK US OUT!!!

Enjoy the pics below!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Becoming a Charismatic Master.

I thought I would share the podcast I am listening to today on the subject of  >>Charisma<< (click here)

I'm not sure we are all aware of how important charisma is to our personal and professional lives.
Charisma affects the people we attract, and the people we intrigue. It affects what opportunities are offered to us and what people say when we are not around. I found this particular discussion on the topic to be rather interesting.

A few key points...

CHARISMA is a learned tactic and can be used to your benefit. It is the result of specific behaviors, and can be controlled. It is an applied science, but can be mistaken for an innate trait since the most charismatic people learn these behaviors very early on. It is somewhat of a trial and error kind of thing for most. You show a particular behavior and you see the response. When you get the responses you like, you continue to repeat the behavior and it becomes almost automatic. You have to have a certain amount of charisma to lead, to persuade, or simply to get people to listen to what you have to say. The good news, is that if you don't see yourself as charismatic now, you can work on it. You can practice. You don't have to enter the game unconditioned.

TRUST is important. And whether or not people trust you and your authority on a specific topic is very dependent on  your tone, your confidence level, and your body language. Take the time to be present, be aware, be an active listener. When people feel like you are present and cognizant to what they say, they will be more open to what you have to say.

PRESENCE POWER AND WARMTH are the critical components of charisma. And this is more about how you make other people feel about themselves than it is about how you make them feel about you.

PRESENCE is the real core of charisma, and it is all about actually BEING present. People notice when your reactions are delayed and you are absent from the conversation. It can even give people the feeling that you are being inauthentic, which can completely ruin their confidence and trust in you. SEEMING attentive is not a replacement for really BEING present. Just like you notice when you do not have someone's full attention, others notice when you do the same.

POWER comes from confidence, and confidence comes from self-assurance. How you walk, talk, and treat others says a lot about your confidence level. You must stay in control of not only your body but your thoughts. Self-doubt and self conscious thoughts can affect the power we portray when we walk into a room. Just standing in an expansive and authoritative manner can affect your confidence and allows you to speak with more assurance and authority. Do not let yourself feel like an "imposter". Be knowledgeable, continue to grow in your position, and speak with more periods than question marks. Do not fear not knowing. If you do not know, do not simply say you don't know, say that you will find out. This will also increase others' confidence in you. Disassociate yourself from negative thoughts about yourself!

WARMTH is all about how you make people feel about themselves. Making people believe in your power and authority is important, and they will respect you for it. But if you can make them feel confident in their OWN power and authority, they will LOVE you for it. Once they trust you and your opinion, this can make all the difference in how much they are willing to help and support you or even simply in how comfortable they feel around you. When people find themselves comfortable around you, when they go out of their way to be around you, when they are MAGNETIZED to you, you will find that this can change your entire world. You want people to be drawn to you, not be intimidated by you. So warmth may be the most important aspect of increasing your charismatic capacity.

Also, check out this upcoming entrepreneurial event that I will be attending, along with a few other Masterminds this March. It is FREE, and if nothing else, should prove to be a good NETWORKING opportunity. If you are in MEMPHIS, sign up here:
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